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December 26, 2013:
Floral deliveries not impacted as greatly as those for gifts this holiday season.


Flowers By Phone:

Sure, you may think that telephone floral delivery has gone the way of the rolodex, but there are some who still pick up the phone and ask for flowers to be sent. Before online delivery, you had to pretty much take the word of the florist or match your order up with whatever Merlin Olsen was hawking on his commercials, and if you can't trust Father Murphy, then who can you trust?

How To Send Flowers

Why Send Flowers by Phone?

A revolution in smartphones and apps means that sending flowers by phone has become hot again, after falling out of favor thanks to the "internet" and "computers" which are now certain to vanish into obscurity along with "jobs" and "prosperity." You hold in your hand the power to look at pictures of flowers and arrangemets, and you can get them shipped out, along with a snappy message, without ever having to get up out of your chair! Your newfound freedom in ordering posies means that sentiment requires less effort than ever. Taken the opposite way, you swine, it means that it doesn't take any effort at all to send your girlfriend flowers, so if you don't take the time you only have yourself to blame.

Should you send flowers? Of course you should. People love flowers and they love the attention they receive when they get them. When you get flowers delivered to your home or office you are surprised, and your significant other or loved one will get the same feeling, plus lost of positive comments in the office.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Any day is a good day for flowers.